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charmingkrak's Journal

Eric Northman
19 June
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OOC Information
Alias: Rose
Contact Info: Aim: rosetatsuaru ; email: raizavicious@gmail.com
Other characters: Oh no. NEW MEAT.

IC Information
Character: Eric Northman
Canon: True Blood (HBO Series not book)
Point in canon: Middle of Season 2, just post of Godric's suicide.
Age: Eric appears to be somewhere between his late 20's and early 30's, but in truth he is well over 1000 years old. His specific age is not known, and he had lost interest counting.
Personality: In short terms, Eric is known to be very arrogant, selfish, and rather uninterested in humans and their emotions. He is a man who seems to simply enjoy life for what it is, and takes in simple pleasures when they come around, usually not giving any concern if it as the cost of another human, but ensures that he doesn't overstep his boundaries as a Sherif of his area. In normal conversation he shows very little in facial emotions, always having quite a straight and almost serious look in his eyes, and rarely shows a smile unless something amuses him greatly. His sense of humor is of a particular breed, sometimes smiling at another's misery or stupidity, but not readily laughing to normal jokes, and most certainly does not frown or cry. Although considered rather hard to read normally, Eric ensures that when a serious topic comes forth, or his anger has arisen, it will show strong through his words and the strength of emotions that can show through his eyes.
Humans to him are one in millions, and has long ago given up the idea of there being anything special to take interest him. Most are simply food to him, though he has attempted some form of 'mainstreaming' in the form of running a bar and watching amused as they attempt to fend for his affection. Only Sookie Stackhouse has gained his real attention, finding her powers and her attachment to Bill Compton odd, but grows curiouser and curiouser as time goes on.
He doesn't tend to open up to people, certainly about his thoughts or about his attachments to Godric or Sookie Stackhouse. Normally when emotions are involved he will simply blow them off, or state that he doesn't understand them like he once did as a human. Over the years he has lived he had lost many of his human attachments, and has lost even more in the form of his conscious, though he knows how to restrain himself and any startling emotions from letting them get the best of him. And although he doesn't understand the emotions of humans, he certainly knows how to play them out in order to trick others that he is human.
History: As a human, Eric was once a strong and powerful Viking, being well loved amongst his companions and allies in war time. Although most of his memories as a human have vanished amongst his age, he still recalled rather clearly the night of his changing beneath the powerful Roman vampire named Godric, who found his skills in battle to be beautiful, and changed him to save him from death.
Much of that time had been spent in hiding, feeding off of what he could at the side of his Maker. Much of this time has also escaped him, since he has been around so long that memories have faded in between and started to mingle together, or just disappear.
Recently he has been working as the Sheriff of Area 5, one of the districts in Louisiana. He enforces vampire law within the area, and is both respected and feared by the vampires in his area for his age and his power. He also runs the vampire bar known as 'Fangtasia', which brings in all sorts of vampires in the area wishing to relax amongst their kind, as well as the humans curious and wanting to become one with vampires. Recently he has become rather amused with the attachment between Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton, finding the relationship between them odd and unusual, but finds Sookie to be a rather strange human for her abilities as well as her personality, and finds her growing on him.
After keeping Lafyette Reynolds prisoner in his basement for selling V (vampire blood), Sookie buys his freedom by aiding him in the search for his maker Godric, the Sheriff of Area 9 in Dallas who had disappeared. Using her special ability to hear others' thoughts, he used her as a medium to hear humans in the area, and more importantly find the rat that is spreading secrets to the Fellowship of the Sun, a vampire hating Christian church. At the same time, he retrieved Bill's maker, in order to attempt to break the attachment between him and Sookie so that he could have the girl to himself, which at the end failed.
After saving Godric from the Fellowship, and a suicide bombing on Godric's home that caused the death of a few vampires and the ability to trick Sookie into drinking his blood, Eric comes face to face with the fact that his master has become weary of his long life of over 2,000 years. After begging and pleading his maker to stay, he is forced by command to retreat from his master and allow him to meet the sun alone. This has caused quite a scar of longing to drag across Eric's usually cold and rather well collected heart, and although he was not able to follow his maker and refuses to show any emotions to others, it still remains with him deeply.
- Super Human Strength
- Super Human Speed
- Regeneration: Can quickly heal from any type of wounds, be it silver burns or physical attacks.
- Special Blood: His blood can be used as a healing agent for humans, causing wounds to heal as quickly as it would for vampires. Side effects of drinking his blood include euphoria, hallucinations, increased sexual appetite, and the ability for Eric to be able to sense a drinkers emotions and know their locations at any distance. (Not like he cares.)
- Glamouring: A form of hypnosis used by vampires in order to control their prey. Although sometimes difficult to explain, it is done by capturing the focus of a human with eye contact, and emptying themselves to absorb the mind of the human into their own, and allow complete control. Usually while glamouring, they will speak softly, and use particular words or phrases in order to control actions, force information or answers, or even erase memories.
- Weakness to silver: It causes tremendous amounts of pain, and chains can be used to restrain him
- Being the most incredibly charming asshole: Self explanatory.
Items brought along: A particular necklace that he is often seen wearing, bearing what appears to be a brass hook or claw, also being on a brass chain.
Stigma: Being alive for hundreds of years, Eric has lost his humanity and his ability to feel regret for his actions. He however suffers heavily over the suicide of his maker, the ancient Godric, and having had such a deep bond of loyalty has caused deep loss, even if he never shows it outwardly.